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SonoCon Industrial Silencers

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Silencers are installed in the gas stream to reduce both blower generated noise as well as noise which is being created upstream or downstream of the blowers. Silencers can be installed at a blower inlet, at the blower discharge, within the ductwork or at the duct termination point such as exhaust stacks or inlet plenums. Round or rectangular, silencers can be fabricated in most any configuration as needed to meet space, attenuation and allowable pressure drop constraints. In general, increasing silencer size will increase attenuation and decrease its added resistance to airflow. Further, locating the silencers at some distance from the blower equipment and away from elbows or turns, and locating the silencers where flow of air is fairly laminar will minimize added resistance to airflow.


PDF Silencer selection guide (PDF - 1.14MB)

PDF Silencer brochure (PDF - 6.04MB)

PDF SonoCon Splitter Silencers Brochure (PDF - 776KB)

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