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SonoCon Fabric Covered & Faced Foam and Foam-Barrier Composites

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Fabric Covered Composite
Fabric Covered Composite

Fabric Faced Composite Panels
SonoCon™ acoustical foam panels and baffles are engineered to eliminate reflected energy and reduce ambient noise levels. A variety of product thickness, panel design, and physical characteristics enable selections which will closely meet specific sound absorption requirements.

The open cell acoustical panels are uniquely shaped to maximize the surface area exposed to acoustical energy; as the surface area increases, panel sound absorption efficiency also increases. Increasing the thickness of the panel increases the sound absorption performance at the low frequencies. Special panel configurations locate sound absorption at wall and ceiling intersections which otherwise act to amplify and direct sound into the room environment.

Face Foam Foam Barrier Composites
Face Foam Foam Barrier Composites

Faced Foam and Foam-Barrier Composites
SonoCon acoustical foams provide sound absorption together with sound transmission loss by bonding a flexible noise barrier to the foam panel. The panels can be configured with sound absorbing foam on both sides of the barrier to assist in decoupling the barrier from a vibrating, sound transmitting surface or on one side only for adding mass and sound absorption to a light gage equipment housing.
Depending upon the application, the SonoCon acoustical foams and foam barrier composites are offered with protective facings which prevent contamination from the immediate environment. Selection of the facings range from thin polyethylene films to rugged plastic or vinyl surfaces suitable for sound isolating floor mats or tractor or