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Controlled Environments

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In determining the scope of work required to meet the operating requirements for a critical environment including equipment required and room characteristics, the following minimum criteria and check list are relevant to a variety of applications:

  • Equipment and processes to be employed.
  • Material classification and characteristics.
  • Room specification: humidity and temperature tolerances.
  • Cleanliness demanded by the activities.
  • Fire, corrosive or toxic hazards present.
  • Electrical power / devices necessary.
  • Telephone, and other communication equipment / wiring.
  • Number of personnel using the new facility.
  • Ambient temperature / humidity within the existing building.
  • Waste heat from such equipment as ovens and motors.
  • Existing available air conditioning equipment.
  • Room wall, ceiling and floor finishes.
  • Types of fire suppression systems permissible or compatible.
  • Available utilities such as power, water, drainage.


The engineered Envirocon controlled environments building systems include:
  • Burn-in Rooms
  • Critical Processing, fabrication and assembly areas
  • Measurement and Quality Control
  • Research & Development
  • Hazardous (H) Occupancies
  • Industrial Cleanrooms
  • Production Environments
  • Noise Control Systems
  • Control Rooms
  • PLC Enclosure
  • Product Diagnostic Rooms
  • QC Test Chambers
  • Laboratories
  • Test Cells
  • Temperature & Humidity Control Environments
  • Explosion Proof Constructions


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